Monday, January 26, 2015

Continued to work on /tutorials/lets/index.

I wrote a first proof of concept for #52: Not a displayfield but a HtmlBox (because there might be more than one line of text). Otherwise as expected, simply a clickable comma-separate list. TODO: add some management buttons, How can we specify a verbose_name fotr offered_products and wanted_products?

Worked on #5. This was almost done, except for a new field proof (Nachweis, Preuve) and a model Proof. Default data for this table in according to Mathieu’s request “colonne “Valeur” (en liste déroulante que nous compléterons avec : Déclaratif, Certificat, Attestation, Diplôme, Validation de compétences)”.

Moved /dev/ml/cv to the source code. Added a new Site attribute because I thought it would help, but then discovered that I cannot show table data in docstrings for the cv2 module because the Lino docs are built during a single Python process and thus cannot use more than one Started a new tested document Career (new version).

Added two tickets #75 and #76 after meeting with Gerd.