Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yesterday’s work on #80 (Convert Partner to Person) made be think about The lino.utils.mti.EnableChild field. This field is not really user-friendly. Can’t I write something equivalent using action buttons? A “Polymorphy manager” field. Or should it be integrated with the polymorphy navigator?

Internal optimizations while experimenting about this:

Result: cool! Lino’s MTI navigator now includes buttons for adding and deleting MTI children.

Getting the Lino docs to build

I removed the requirement of sphinxcontrib.taglist since that module is no longer maintained.

More about VAT

Congratulations to Mahmoud who contributed his first pull request.

We then discovered that there are still armies of bugs sitting in the lino.modlib.vat djungle. And I get the feeling that this is indeed a job for me. I need to do some more work on this, otherwise nobody has any chance to understand anything.

  • Renamed VatRate to VatRule. I plan to move the fields purchases_vat_account and sales_vat_account (which are currently in system.SiteConfig) to this model as well. Because probably there will be users who want Lino to book vat amounts into different accounts for different countries.

  • Renamed VatRate.find_vat_rate() to VatRule.get_vat_rule(). It now returns the database object, not just the value of the VatRule.rate field. And there must be exactly one row, it now raises a warning instead of returning ZERO.

Commit at 18.00 : above changes caused Lino Così to fail for the moment. But at least for Lino it should now be possible to build the docs:

$ go lino
$ fab initdb test bd

Commit at 23.40 : lots of changes. purchase and sales invoices seem to work now. demo_bookings no longer generates bank statements because these seem to not work yet.