Sunday, February 1, 2015

About the title and the verbose_name of a Site

The docstring for Site.title was wrong, it said “TODO: Stop using title, use Site.verbose_name instead.”

In fact these are different things: title is the title of the site, while verbose_name is the verbose name of the application.

I changed the default value for title from “Unnamed Lino site” to None, and for verbose_name from “yet another Lino site” to “yet another Lino application”.

Editable tables

Hint for #85 : this is another case of a table which must explicitly set editable to True.

Getting Lino to build on Travis CI

I noticed that Travis has been saying “config missing” for several days now. This was a syntax error in my .travis.xml.

And yes, my LINO_CACHE_ROOT is active and works. But here is the next challenge. It says:

Exception: Oops : cannot use
/home/travis/build/lsaffre/lino/lino_docs for
because it is used for

What’s happening there? It remindes me that the default.db has previously been created at different places. As it seemed. But are they really different? I rather guess that the latter is a symlink to the former.

So Site.setup_cache_directory() must use Path.resolve() when checking whether they are different.

Note: this was not the explanation. Next idea: it is because fab initdb uses the uninstalled Lino version while fab test uses the installed one.

Recurrent polls

I started to work on a user request by CPAS de Châtelet:

  • Interviews: il faut que les agents puissent voir, pour chaque question, ce que le bénéficiaire a répondu les entrevues précédentes.

Started a new document Polls in Lino Welfare in English with all the explanations.