Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Worked on #38 (Make Lino run with Django 1.7). Mahmoud and I had been stuck for a while on a problem problem which occured in Lino with Django 1.7. Already the fab initdb failed with a ValidationError stating that 'en' were not a valid choice for the language field.

The problem was in LanguageField which was defining the choices attribute as follows:


The solution was to remove the call to iter()


I don’t remember why I did that iter() around LANGUAGE_CHOICES. I guess that I was worried what happens when languages changes after having defined these fields. But for the moment I cannot remember why this should happen. But the test suite of Lino with Django 1.6 passes, so this change doesn’t break anything. And thus we can consider the problem as solved. Explanation is that “Django 1.7 does some trickery with our choices, and specifying an iterator over a list instead of the list itself produces strange behaviour.” This is not a full explanation, but it is satisfying as long as our solution does not cause any other problems.