Saturday, March 21, 2015

Added a setting responsible_user for lino.modlib.checkdata. Example of local configuration:

class Site(Site):

    def setup_plugins(self):
        super(Site, self).setup_plugins()

Added a new checker lino.modlib.countries.models.PlaceChecker, the first checker in standard Lino.

Integrate repairable problems into plausibility

Cool. Sometimes growing means to reduce the number of code lines. Today is an example. I integrated the lino.mixins.repairable module into lino.modlib.checkdata.

Instead of writing a get_repairable_problems method, we write Checker classes and activate them. And the get_checkdata_problems method must yield (fixable, message) tuples instead of simple strings. And the Problem model has a new field fixable.

  • Added new icon bell.png for the CheckPlausibility action

  • Messages are translated to the language of the responsible user.