Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to specify the aid type per Client

In lino_welfare.projects.chatelet they need either the pcsw.Client.aids_type field or a minimal version of lino_welfare.modlib.aids (the aids.GrantingsByClient panel in pcsw.ClientDetail) in order to print this information on an ISIP contract. I activated the latter. It is more complicated than what they ask (they ask for just a combobox) but more future-oriented.

Cannot save RichTextField when editing in own window

And it seems that I also managed to fix ticket #131. Nice.


lino.utils.ssin.unformat_ssin() now also removes periods (“.”).

The “Phonetic words” table in Avoiding duplicate clients was skipped because it had been raising an exception. This was due to a bug in lino.core.tablerequest.TableRequest.row2text() which I now fixed. It accessed _lino_atomizer directly, instead of callng get_atomizer. This works in many cases… except for fields which are never used in any hard-coded Layout. The name field of pcsw.Clients is such a case.