Sunday, April 12, 2015

Summary of my week

  • This week did not bring many code changes. Which is a good sign because it means that both Eupen and Châtelet start to calm down.

  • I sent an almost finished version of an important offer to one of my customers for a project which would add lots of functionality to Lino Welfare. If the project gets accepted, this means another year or two of almost full-time work for me. And as a consequence, Lino Così and Lino Noi would have to continue to wait for helping brains. On the other hand this project will merge Lino’s accounting modules (lino.modlib.ledger et alii) into Lino Welfare.

  • I wrote about Why software must be free and got feedback which would need to be integrated into this document. I am not sure whether it is worth the work (I should rather write free software than writing about it), but maybe I’ll continue a bit.

  • Rumma & Ko is now member of Alvatal, the Estonian Free and Open-Source Software Association.

My plans for the coming week:

  • Start to work on the annual accounting report 2014 (uhh)

  • Continue to find an assistant. This includes posting job offers, updating the web sites, public relations, contacts with partners.

  • Continue on Lino Noi because I believe we will need a ticketing system which is more customizable than Trac and features a usable integrated time tracker.

  • Danny would love to see his TIM data in a Lino Così instance. He would then try start to use it.