Sunday, April 19, 2015

#136 Diverse Optimierungen Schuldnerberatung

Finished the last items of #136:

  • Vorschau: Alle Verpflichtungen in einer einzigen Tabelle (Gruppensumme pro Partner ist nicht nötig).

  • Ausdruck: Verpflichtungen in zwei Tabellen:

    • “Schulden/Zahlungsrückstände/Kredite”

    • “Gerichtsvollzieher und Inkasso”

  • Vorschau und Ausdruck: Schulden nicht mehr mit jeweils einer eigenen Tabelle pro Gerichtsvollzieher bzw. Inkassounternehmen.

  • Übersetzung “Yearly amount” = “Jährl. Betrag”

  • Im Ausdruck, Tabelle “Monatliche Ausgaben” : Kolonne “yearly amount” streichen.

  • Bei Duplizieren von Konten wird die Seite nicht automatisch aktualisiert.

  • Partnernummern in Klammern nur bei Klienten, nicht z.B. Anwälten oder Schuldnern.


  • Vorschau: Neue Tabelle “Aktiva, Vermögen, Kapital”

Restored the test suite and checked in. Updated Public demo sites on

Using diagrams

Annabell asked me to write a “functional specification” for a new Lino project. I am not yet sure whether they mean a functional specification or rather a Software Requirements Specification (SRS).

Here is my summary of what I found

  • A functional specification is a document which describes the requested behavior of a software system or a module, including the procedures by which it can be determined that the requirements have been met.

  • A functional specification does not define the inner workings of the proposed system; it does not include the specification of how the system function will be implemented. Instead, it focuses on what various outside agents (people using the program, computer peripherals, or other computers, for example) might “observe” when interacting with the system. A typical functional specification might state as follows:

    When the user clicks the OK button, the dialog is closed and the focus is returned to the main window in the state it was in before this dialog was displayed.

  • One of the main values of writing specifications is to have them reviewed by stakeholders and to allow the stakeholders to provide feedback. Therefore, specifications should be written in such a way that they can easily be read and reviewed.

TODO: try sphinxcontrib.blockdiag