Friday, May 8, 2015

Continued on new ticket :ticket :188 (printing an art61 contract).

Added four fields title, status, cv_duration and regime to lino_welfare.modlib.art61.models.Contract. These fields are the same as in cv.Experience except that (1) duration is cv_duration because we have already another field duration (number of days) from JobSupplyment and (2) we must set a related_name for regime to avoid a name clash on cv.Regime caused by jobs.Contract.regime.

Fixed an unreported bug which caused a TypeError filter() argument after ** must be a mapping, not NoneType

Move standard data for cv.Regime and cv.Status from to

Worker Ouvrier

Fixed an unreported bug which caused a FieldError Cannot resolve keyword 'success' into field. when specifying a non-empty value in filter parameter “Successfully ended” (ending_success) in a contract table.