Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I took some time to think about a subtle question. In Chatelet they have so-called psychosocial interventions. And they want to handle them like workshops (which may be a wrong decision, but the customer is king). The enrolment to such a psychosocial interventions should be printed as a document “Demande d’intervention psychosociale”. The template for this document is quite different from normal enrolments. That’s why we now have a new field lino.modlib.courses.models.Line.body_template.

Fixed ticket #244 (When SiteConfig.next_partner_id points to existing id): Lino now says Cannot create partner with id=X. Check your next_partner_id in SiteConfig! when that case occurs.

Thanks to #232 (Better API for class-based choices) and in order to prepare for #239 (New filter parameter for pcsw.Clients), I converted the method for defining observed events on client tables. New tested document Filtering clients.