Friday, May 22, 2015

Debugging Django queries

Did you ever have to debug code like this?

from django.db.models import Q

def is_learning_filter(prefix, a, b):
    if a is None:
        flt = Q(**{prefix+'start_date__isnull': False})
        flt = Q(**{prefix+'start_date__lte': a})
    if b is not None:
        flt &= Q(**{prefix+'end_date__isnull': True}) \
            | Q(**{prefix+'end_date__gte': b})
    return flt

def add_filter(qs, pv):
    p = (pv.start_date, pv.end_date)
    flt = is_learning_filter('training__', *p)
    flt |= is_learning_filter('study__', *p)
    flt |= is_learning_filter('experience__', *p)
    qs = qs.filter(flt)
    return qs

Well, my trick is to print the raw SQL using something like this:"20150522 %s", qs.query)

Another problem is then that these queries tend to become rather long. So I copy it to where it becomes much more readable.

Cannot activate textfields

In lino.core.dbtables.wildcard_data_elems() I removed the following test:

if not isinstance(f, fields.RichTextField):

Because it is no longer needed (since wildcard columns are now hidden by default), and because it was the cause for #255 (TextFields cannot be selected manually unless specified explicitly).

This change has one side effect: tables whose colum_names is left to the default value ('*') will now again also show text fields among their columns. To make text fields hidden, there must be at least one explicit field specified.

The yearly amount of a budget entry

Fixed #258 (Das jährliche TOTAL fehlt auf den Ausdrucken (z.B. Steuer)).

name ‘_’ is not defined

In I had removed a series of names which (only!) now turned out to be used.

Why DurationField columns had no sum

Ticket #206 is solved. It was because format_sum did not do its job. Added demo data to lino.modlib.clocking and a test case to lino_noi.