Tuesday, July 7, 2015¶

The commands in lino.modlib.notes and lino.modlib.uploads which were available to lino.modlib.office.roles.OfficeUser are now also available to lino.modlib.office.roles.OfficeOperator.

I spoke with Mathieu about several examples of documents used in Ch√Ętelet and how to have them generated by Lino:

  • lino_welfare.modlib.art61.models.Contract - done. waiting for their feedback

  • Convention de mise en situation and Convention de stage are printouts of a lino_welfare.modlib.immersion.models.Contract. For which we are going to have two templates: (1) contacts for internal use and (2) contracts managed by FOREM.

  • Orientation Savoirs de base, Orientation cyber logement and Fiche intervention psy are printouts of a workshop enrolment lino_welfare.modlib.courses.models.Enrolment.

  • Orientation SIS is a printout of a lino_welfare.modlib.pcsw.models.Coaching