Friday, July 31, 2015

The two text fields motivation and problems of did not have lino.core.fields.RichTextField.textfield_format set to ‘html’.

Quand on inscrit une personne à un atelier via l’onglet personne (courses.EnrolmentsByPupil), il ne s’ajoute pas dans l’onglet O.I. (courses.BasicEnrolmentsByPupil or courses.JobEnrolmentsByPupil)

Miscellaneous changes:

  • Discovered and fixed a bug in lino.core.choicelists: ChoiceList.preferred_with

  • SiteAdmin was not Supervisor

  • ReceptionClerk did not see the quick action button for reading eID cards

Getting Lino to pass on Travis CI

Added alt="Foo" to the input HTML in a doctest snippet of lino.utils.html2xhtml. It seems that my version of tidylib added the alt attribute even if the input HTML did not specify it. But the tidylib on Travis CI did not add it. Since this subtlety is not important for Lino, I changed the tested string.