Monday, August 10, 2015

I continued on #143. I don’t describe the details here because it is rather complex intuitive work about how to integrate ledger functionality into a Belgian PCSW. In case of need we can always analyze the checkins.

06:11 : Tadaa! I got the payment instructions to be suggested into payment orders. Checkin to celebrate this. The Welfare test suite is broken for minor reasons.

10.00 Repairing the test suite. This turned out to not be complete routine. It started innocently with a dump2html() got an unexpected keyword argument 'master_instance' error and caused another inner framework optimization: I converted the module lino.core.web into a plugin lino.modlib.jinja. Which is currently needed by lino.modlib.bootstrap3, so currently it is always installed. But it now becomes theoretically possible to replace Jinja by some other templates engine, and (last but not least) the whole thing is now much less hackerish than before.

A side effect: lino.modlib.appypod.appy_renderer.AppyRenderer no longer automatically fills all plugin names to the context when rendering a template because this was a bad idea. This “feature” caused the context function jinja to be overridden. Existing templates may need update: if you get errors of style “foo.Bar : undefined name ‘foo’”, then simply replace the code foo.Bar by

The body template clothing_bank.body.html is one of the templates which needed update. When trying to see whether it gets correctly generated, I noticed that the links to examples of generated demo documents in lino_welfare.modlib.aids is currently broken.