Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lino with Django > 1.6

Still occupied by ticket #38 (Make Lino run with Django 1.7+).

Yesterday I finally managed to get Diamond inheritance to pass also under Django 1.7 by adapting lino.core.inject.django_patch(). But unfortunately this did not fix our original problem.

So I now try to isolate this problem in a new test case Django 1.7 complains about clashing fields.

Django 1.7+ issued the following RemovedInDjango19Warning when extending e.g. lino.modlib.contacts by lino.projects.min2.modlib.contacts:

RemovedInDjango19Warning: Model X doesn't declare an explicit app_label and either isn't in an application in INSTALLED_APPS or else was imported before its application was loaded. This will no longer be supported in Django 1.9.

So it is now recommended declare an explicit Meta.app_label for every model of an extendable library plugin:

class Partner(...):

    class Meta:
        app_label = 'contacts'  # avoid RemovedInDjango19Warning
        abstract = dd.is_abstract_model(__name__, 'Partner')

Finding a colleague

Ticket #38 (Make Lino run with Django 1.7+) seems a good ticket for finding an assistant for me.

Worked on Django 1.7 complains about clashing fields in that direction.

Updated the job offer at Assistant Senior Developer

Discovered #444 ( shows no tickets):

The page’s source code shows a “<Element u’div’ at 0xb3e2324c>” where the table should be. Of course the method must return E.tostring(e) and not e. But only

SectionLayout on bibles.Sections has no data element ‘seqno’

Ticket #445 was a side effect caused by a change some days ago as part of #436 (Hierarchical no longer Sequenced, see Tuesday, August 18, 2015). I also added a test case to lino_logos.