20150914 (Monday, 14 September 2015)

Moved Presto out of Lino

As preparation for #520, I moved Lino Presto from the Lino repository to a new independent project. This was to avoid circular dependencies (Lino Presto requires functionality from both Lino Così and Lino Noi).

I changed the copyright headers in Lino Presto from BSD to AGPL as explained here.


  • Change copyright headers in Cosi, Welfare from BSD to Affero GPL

  • The test suites of Lino Così and Lino Noi are broken for minor reasons

Changed Lino Noi from BSD to Affero GPL


Fixed ticket #521

Fixed #521 (‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘gender’ in request POST /api/debts/BudgetsByPartner) and wrote a test case test_debts to verify the fix.

I ♥ Lino (testing)

I am currently testing version 1 of the Lino mug:

But it seems that none of the two first versions (see 1 and 2) will go into production. Ly announced that she will develop a version 3.