Thursday, September 17, 2015

I had a –hopefully last– fight with #471: the author of a duplicated budget was being set to the requesting user, but this change was not being saved automatically. Fixed. Adapted docstring of lino.core.model.Model.on_duplicate() and lino_welfare.projects.std.tests.test_debts accordingly.

The duplicate action was not being logged when log_each_action_request was set to True. I fixed this by setting the readonly of the Duplicate action to False. I also removed the get_action_permission methods of both InsertRow and Duplicate because they are no longer needed.

The readonly attribute of InsertRow and Duplicate was True for some historic reason. The old meaning was “whether this actions modifies somethiong in the selected object”, but AFAICS this subtlety is no longer used. I now removed the following paragraph from the docstring:

This means that :class:`InsertRow` is a `readonly` action.
Actions like :class:`InsertRow` and :class:`Duplicable
<lino.mixins.duplicable.Duplicate>` which do not modify the given
object but *do* modify the database, must override their

  def get_action_permission(self, ar, obj, state):
      if user.profile.readonly:
          return False
      return super(Duplicate, self).get_action_permission(ar, obj, state)

Above change might cause subtle bugs about insert actions suddenly missing for non-readonly user profiles on actors which have editable set to False. I could not find any such usage but did not search very carefully. TODO: in lino.utils.diag add commands to list non editable actors, insert actions and maybe duplicate actions (and then use this command in specs of production applications, i.e. welfare and noi).