Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Continued on #570

I continued on #570. The PRINT_THEM_ALL option in lino.modlib.excerpts.fixtures.demo2 should be converted to something else. Ideally the application developer should be able to specify this per ExcerptType instance. Or per model.

The solution to all this is to define a new method get_printable_demo_objects.

And to override it in lino_welfare.modlib.isip.mixins.ContractBase.get_printable_demo_objects().

That is, the initdb_demo prints each contract but not e.g. each presence.

My first target was to generate a contract whose EventsByContract contains non-ascii chars.

Now I finally reached this target. In ISIP contracts (Chatelet). The problem was that the problem did not occur. At least not on my machine.

Which made me suspicious and I verified the versions of Python, appy and odfpy on their environment. And the latter was the reason: in cpaschatelet they still had version0.9.2 of odfpy. Upgraded to 1.3.1. Problem solved.

More than 4 hours for extending the test suite so that the case is covered, and less than 4 minutes for fixing the problem.

Pre-sales information for Lino Welfare

In /news/20151004 I wrote that there is “just some commercial and political stuff to handle”. I opened ticket #572 and started to meditate about it.

Lino Welfare needs a company who proclaims to their customers “We are the representant for Lino Welfare. We promise you that it works. We offer you a warranty.” And –after three years of trying to delegate this job to others (first IMIO and then CodeGears) I now agree to take this responsibility myself. Actually I don’t take it myself, but as the CEO of Rumma & Ko.

If you want to sell something, you must have a website with information about prices and conditions. Lino Welfare currently has three websites:

These doctrees are independent Sphinx projects with different content (e.g. docs_de is not a translation of docs), but they link to each other.

For me a website means a doctree because I love Sphinx. But non-programming people told me that the websites of Lino Welfare are difficult to understand for normal humans. Should I try some other tool to generate them? Or is it rather the content which disturbs them. For the moment I’ll assume that it is rather the latter.

The English tree is a complete technical information including the API. It doesn’t need to be readable by normal humans. But the German and French trees might serve as “pre-sales documentation”.

But is it okay to “merge” Lino Welfare and Rumma & Ko? Should the pre-sales info not rather be below http:/www.saffre-rumma.net? In that case saffre-rumma.net must become multilingual. Answer: actually yes. Because if some concurrent of mine once decides to do it better than Rumma & Ko, they will very probably use their own CMS. A confirmation is that the current mixture of languages (mostly English except one page Tutvustus) looks rather silly.


#573 (Onglet Parcours - Module Formation) : Don’t show content in TrainingsByPerson. Replace it by function. Add remark


#557 is strange. The default behaviour has “allways” been that the ENTER key submits the form (calls its on_ok() method, with on exception: when you are in a textarea field. you must press CTRL+ENTER to submit because ENTER must insert a newline. Now that behaviour doesn’t work anymore. It is the first time that somebody complains about this. I have no idea when it stopped to work. See Ext.KeyMap for Sencha’s documentation.

Current workaround is a new plugin setting enter_submits_form which I recommend to set to False (which I do for Lino Welfare and Lino Noi).