20151009 (Friday, 09 October 2015)

Finished #552

Upgrade on lino-framework.org for #552. Reality will show whether this was the good direction.

Continued #353

I continued on #353.

Which made me discover a side effect of the recent changes in lino.core.model.Model.disable_delete() & Co: #582.

The bug was in lino.utils.mti.delete_child() which cannot use disable_delete() any more since we are not deleting the whole polymorphic complex object but just a specialisation of it.

I wrote a new test case lino_cosi.projects.std.tests.test_ddh which reproduced this problem.

Note that this is yet another example of a test case which should actually be in Lino because it tests a general feature. There are quite some other examples in Lino Noi and Lino Welfare. Theoretically we should write a separate test application and cover these cases within the Lino repository. Currently this is not a big problem because there is only one Lino team. Just keep in mind: in order to make sure that Lino is tested, a developer should verify also the test suites of these projects.

The detail of partners, persons and companies had lost its tab panel for accounting. New module lino_cosi.lib.contacts

I changed the default value of enter_submits_form to False.