Sunday, November 8, 2015


I try to write about this in more detail because it is at least the second or third time that something similar happens between Hamza and me.

Yesterday evening Hamza and I had a voice session with shared screen for working on #38. We concentrated on the ValidationError: {u’site_calendar’: [u’Calendar instance with id 1 does not exist.’]} problem described a few days ago (Thursday, November 5, 2015). After half an hour of poking around, I decided to stop for today because it was time for me to go to bed. Hamza still continued alone for a bit more than an hour. After waking up I checked my mails where he reported his last observations:

In fact, Django 1.8 doesn’t throw any more an error when Lino loads fixture with no data as Django 1.6 do (By looking to you ticket.), but just a RuntimeWarning. Actually loads no data since ‘rt.models_by_base(Certifiable)’ returns an empty list, as we saw that together.

But we still have a problem. Even if we don’t have any data in our fixture , min2 project should not fail when trying to save settings.SITE.site_config.

I found also that if I remove the field injection of the field site_calendar to system.SiteConfig (as we can found it in, we get no error and the test pass. May be the lino.core.inject still have problem with django 1.8

The fact that removing the inject_field for site_calendar seems to fix the problem was quite surely not related. When you store some value to an arbitrary attribute of a Django database object (i.e. some name which is not defined as a field), then the value simply does not get saved. So removing the field was not a solution but just avoiding the problem.

I had the impression that Hamza’s other observation about the deserialize_module() method in lino.utils.dpy was also a wrong path. I had a look at this code with the plan to explain to Hamza why this was wrong, but then discovered that he was right: the explanation of our problem is: when lino.modlib.excerpts.fixtures.std is empty (i.e. yields no objects at all), this code “inserts” the site_config object (which always exists) in order to work around Django ticket 18213. But in Django 1.8, for some reason (to be investigated), the site_config object contains a pointer to another object which, at that moment, has not yet been saved. And thus the SiteConfig object itself fails to get saved. Actually I had observed similar side effects before. They come when you get an empty ficture too early, i.e. before the SiteConfig object has become saveable. I just wouldn’t have looked at this place without Hamza.

And since all this happens only under Django 1.7+ where we don’t need that hack anymore, we can just deactivate it by changing the line:

if empty_fixture:


if empty_fixture and not AFTER17:

So Hamza was very close to the solution and just didn’t have enough experience with Lino in order to see it.

Above change is committed here.

Summary: This was a perfect example of synergy: Hamza on his own, or I om my own, would never have fixed that problem so quickly. Hamza is a great assistant for me, and the Lino project can be happy that we found each other!

Ticket #38 is not yet fixed (there are still about 11 failures), but we are almost there.

Continued with #38

The failure in lino.utils.format_date was due to a missing call to lino.startup().