Friday, November 13, 2015

Importing 101 xml files

Working on #505. Gerd got a new series of xml files. I tried to import them. I changed lino_cosi.lib.sepa.models.ImportStatements.run_from_ui() so that it imports both .xml and .XML files. Basically this was just to change the wildcard from '*.xml' to '*.[Xx][Mm][Ll]'. But I also did some opimizations of coding style and reporting. these changes are spread over several commits because I discovered them on the field (running the import repeatedly on their testlino server using real XML files).

Coding style by example


def run_from_ui(self, ar):
    pth = dd.plugins.sepa.import_statements_path
    wc = os.path.join(pth, '*.xml')"Importing SEPA statements from %s...", wc)
    count = 0
    if pth:
        for filename in glob.iglob(wc):
            self.import_file(ar, filename)
            count += 1
        msg = "{0} xml files have been imported.".format(count)
        return ar.success(msg, alert=_("Success"))
    msg = "No import_statements_path configured."
    return ar.error(msg, alert=_("Error"))


def run_from_ui(self, ar):
    pth = dd.plugins.sepa.import_statements_path
    if not pth:
        msg = "No import_statements_path configured."
        return ar.error(msg, alert=_("Error"))"Importing XML files from %s...", pth)
    wc = os.path.join(pth, '*.[Xx][Mm][Ll]')
    count = 0
    for filename in glob.iglob(wc):
        self.import_file(ar, filename)
        count += 1
    msg = "{0} XML files have been imported.".format(count)
    return ar.success(msg, alert=_("Success"))
  • avoid indentation (prefer an early return)

  • I prefer variable names like “stmt” and “mvmt” over _statement or _movement: (1) why a leading underscore? (2) Often-used variables should be as short as possible (though not too short so that you can use search and replace on them)

  • There was a big try-except statement: keep these statements as narrow as possible to avoid handling exceptions from unexpected places.

  • I optimized the reporting, considering that usually there are many files being imported at once.

About payment terms

Should the payment_term field really be on every partner of Lino Welfare? They will use it only when entering incoming purchase invoices. Yes, even a pcsw.Client is a potential provider, that’s theoretically possible, but seems overkill. One more “mostly useless” field.

One solution might be to use polymorphism instead of injecting the field. That is, in lino_cos.lib.ledger.models:

class PayableProvider(contacts.Partner):
    payment_term = ...

New ticket #613. This is part of the welfare.ledger project.

Nouveaux tickets encodés par Mathieur et Aurélie

Je viens de découvrir que Mathieu et Aurélie ont encodé des tickets.

  • TODO: new module “notifier” or “notify” with a model “Message”. It replaces and extends the current system of “welcome messages”. Main purpose is to group several notifications into one mail in order to avoid a inbox overflow.

  • Confirmed #608 Publipostage (assigned to Pierre)

  • Confirmed #607 Présentation des fichiers téléchargés

  • #606 was a group of several tickets. @Mathieu: please avoid this; it is better to write each item as a separate ticket. I splitted into new tickets:

  • renamed 606 to “Plusieurs types de convention Art 61” (i.e. the first item)

  • #614 : Onglet Intervenant : supprimer le champ “Intermédiaire” (avec liste déroulante)

  • #615 : Layout onglet RAE

  • #616 : Panneau “Fichiers téléchargés”

  • #617 : Ateliers automatiquement triés par date

  • Page d’accueil : Dans la partie « Mes rendez-vous », peut on ne voir que les Rendez-vous du jour ? Duplicate of #547? This should be done.

  • #618 : modifier “Durée du contrat” en “Type de contrat”

Search in description of tickets

While triaging tickets, I finally decided to fix an old problem: #619.

First of all, I optimized the internal handling of quick_search_fields: Lino now resolves this a kernel startup and raises an Exception if the list contains an invalid field name.

And then, now uses this attribute to specify that quick search should look only at the fields summary and description.

Using Lino Noi for the “Care” project

I added a new demo project, a first draft about the “approach (1)” described in Lino Care, a network of people who care. This is #621. It is currently sleeping because I start to believe that approach 2 (implement it using a new application from scratch) will be easier and better.

But is nevertheless interesting because it “opens” Lino Noi to other contexts. Lino Noi is definitively not meant only for software development teams.

I reorganized the “software-specific” demo fixtures which should not get loaded by

Optimization to the Framework: I added a new rule to team now has an “application-specific” “local” fixtures directory, and care inherits from team, but we not want to inherit these fixtures from team to care.