Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Today I finally took some time to work on “real” tickets, i.e. tickets which have been asked by customers. They are mostly quite application-specific, and the biggest challenge here is analysis: to find out what the customer really wants, to check with them whether what they want is also what they need. It requires of course a detailed knowledge about Lino Welfare.

#571 : changed the setup_auto_event method for all contracts: when the contract’s author is still coaching the client, then he or she remains the responsible user of evaluation event. The existing rule applies only when the contract’s author no longer coaches that client.

#339: - “Plausibility” = “Vérification de données”

#617 #618 #606 #579

One of them requires a (simple) database migration.

#615 : Added a new field seeking_since (to Client) Changed label of unemployed_since from “Seeking work since” to “Unemployed since”.

Optimization en pasant: #641 and lino.core.sote.Site.obj2text_template.

#603 : the meaning of date_ended has slightly changed. lino_welfare.modlib.isip.ContractBase.full_clean() now sets date_ended to applies_until when empty.

#556 and #543

#261 : In lino.modlib.cv all three tables Studies, Experiences and Trainings now have default filtering on the period.

For #225 I just had to add two lines of code to lino_welfare.chatelet.lib.pcsw.models:

notes = dd.resolve_app('notes')
notes.Note.hidden_elements = dd.fields_list(
    notes.Note, 'company contact_person contact_role')

About #229: AppointmentsByPartner is on cal.Guest, not on cal.Event. I was not aware of this when talking with the customer. I reset this ticket state to “Talk” because I need to explain them the difference and the possibilities.

And #640 : in lino_xl.lib.cal.mixins.EventGenerator.get_wanted_auto_events() I changed ar.debug("No event_type") into ar.info("No event_type") because that was the main reason why there wasn’t even a message in the JavaScript console. But actually these messages should get directly reported to the user. The methods info, debug, warning and append_message on lino.core.requests.BaseRequest are probably to be deprecated. The get_wanted_auto_events method is almost the only one wwho uses these methods, and we should rather return a HTML message with a expandable “Show details” button.