Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I worked several hours and then trashed all my changes. I was trying to fix a problem that’s mainly about generating the docs. The initial observation was:

  • in apc we have the sales invoices generated by lino_cosi.lib.sales.fixtures.demo. In std we have the sales invoices generated by lino_cosi.lib.ledger.fixtures.demo_bookings. Why does std not have both sets of invoices?

The answer was: because lino_cosi.projects.std.settings does not only define a Site class but another class DocsSite which is a hack to get all modules documented in a single Sphinx doctree.

E.g. and lino_cosi.lib.sales. And then Lino Welfare uses a dummy sales module (lino_welfare.modlib.sales).

  • I removed Groupers from lino_cosi.lib.finan because they won’t be needed when match is a CharField.

  • I added a new action per FinancialVoucherItem which opens a SuggestionsByFinancialVoucherItem, almost the same as ShowSuggestions, but which adds the partner of that item to the filter.