Monday, December 21, 2015

Continued on #143.

Release to testlino in Eupen

I deployed the newest version to testlino in Eupen because I plan a next analysis session for the welfare ledger module (Accounting for Lino Welfare) which is almost ready now.

I added a line to the Welfare migrator so that ignores old journal definitions and installs the default list of demo journals defined in lino_welfare.modlib.ledger.fixtures.std_journals.

This also caused the following optimization.

type object ‘AccountChart’ has no attribute ‘DoesNotExist’

This traceback occurred in GroupsByChart whose lino.core.actors.Actor.master is not a Model but a ChoiceList. In that case the actor must define a lino.core.actors.Actor.get_master_instance() method. I tried to avoid this requirement because I thought that Lino might be smart enough to handle also ChoiceListField masters automatically. But that turned out to not be really trivial (because the master, in that case, can simply be a Choice class object which is not linked to any concrete ChoiceList)

Kleinvieh macht auch Mist

I simulated, in testlino, a session with WB (i.e. imagined that we would have a look at the new features and record some real documents) and discovered some more little things to do. For example when registering an REG there were two fields labelled “Konto”, one for the provider’s bank account and the other for the cost account (budgetary article) to use.

Changes done:

  • Changed verbose_name of bank_account field (i.e. of the sepa.Account model) from “Account” to “Bank account”

  • Addded buttons to the items of an invoice: mainly for duplicating, but also for moving them up & down. lino_xl.lib.vatless.ui.ItemsByInvoice and vatless.ItemsByProjectInvoice now have a move_buttons column.

  • The move_buttons field now includes the duplicate action.

  • New symbols for actions duplicate, move_up and move_down.

  • About the designation of an accounts.Account. TIM users are used to have this field labelled “Haushaltsartikel” (and not “Konto”). The official name is Articles budgétaires. And as far as I can see these budgetary articles are in social sector accounting exactly what general accounts are in private sector accounting. So shouldn’t we change, in Lino Welfare, their verbose_name from “Account” to “Article”?

    I guess that debt mediation would not agree with this new designation. Can we introduce two new fields verbose_name and verbose_name_plural per AccountChart object? That would be the first time that a model has a kind of “dynamic” designation. I think that this wouldn’t be a good idea. So I think that the best solution is to use field_update() in lino_welfare.modlib.welfare.

    Actually the mere fact that I have to ask this question is suspect. Debt mediation (lino_welfare.modlib.debts) has rather nothing to do with social accounting (lino_welfare.modlib.ledger). So maybe it is a design mistake to try using lino_xl.lib.accounts for them both. To be observed.

  • Fixed some missing German translations:

    • Journal group(s)

    • Printed document designation

    • Force chronological sequence

    • Check clearing


  • The move_buttons are active even on registered vouchers. That’s not what we want (#676).