Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ticket #676 was an example of the following subtlety: A lino.core.boundaction.BoundAction has two methods get_bound_action_permission and get_row_permission. The difference is that the former will bypass any custom permission handler defined on the model. TODO: analyze what’s missing there: is it just lacking documentation? Or an API design flaw?

New feedback for #143

I had a 90 minutes voice session with Gerd about #143. Lots of “little” things to do. See Monday, December 28, 2015. I will work on them occasionnaly during the Christmas days. For most of them I don’t create a new ticket because this is rapid prototyping where too much administrative tasks would disturb.

Specifying windows with relative width

I added a new feature (#680); applications can now specify the width of a window in percent. I adapted the docstring of window_size accordingly. The first usage for this feature is lino_cosi.lib.finan.models.SuggestionsByVoucher which requests a width of “90%”. This table should be in a window “as large as possible but not full-screen”.

Hamza, you will have to port this to extjs6. See changes in linoweb.js and lino.modlib.extjs.ext_renderer (in commit 705839c0).