Friday, January 1, 2016

I merged PR16 with Hamza’s work on #37 into lino_extjs6.

I worked on #643, trying to document the general process in a separate document The deployment process. The following are the specific notes for this time.

About comparing the files:

  • The following option must be added:

    'OPTIONS': {
       "init_command": "SET storage_engine=MyISAM",

    And then I had to move the following from test to prod:

  • Switch the project directories to their new environments. For historical reasons the environment names in this case are testlino, a, b.


    prod/env -> /home/luc/pythonenvs/testlino
    testlino/env -> /home/luc/pythonenvs/a


    prod/env -> /home/luc/pythonenvs/a
    testlino/env -> /home/luc/pythonenvs/b
  • Restore production data from snapshot (nothing special).

  • Tests:

    • Lounch Accounting ‣ Import SEPA statements. Seems okay:

      4615 XML files with 1410 new and 4800 updated statements have been imported.

  • Moved and from testing to prod. Adapted the cron job.