Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Signal Messenger

I started to have a look at Signal messenger. My biggest concern is not security and privacy, but whether I can retrieve my chat history and write it to an arbitrary storage (e.g. a database) for archiving.

There is some API, but I did not yet understand whether that’s what I am looking for.

AttributeError: ‘Journal’ object has no attribute ‘chart’

Gerd reported #687 (Kann keinen Haushaltsartikel auswählen in REG). This was a bug introduced shortly before the upgrade and not covered by the test suite. I fixed the bug (in lino_xl.lib.ledger.mixins) and added a test case (in Some choices requests) so that this is now covered.

Ticket #689 is another example of a bug which was not covered by the test suite. I added a test case (in The lino_welfare.modlib.pcsw plugin) and fixed the bug (in lino_welfare.modlib.pcsw.models).

Ticket #690 (also reported by Gerd) is rather an ergonomic problem than a bug: after changing Client.faculty field, the users are used to have the AvailableAgentsByClient table update automatically.

Breaking the vicious circle

An Estonian friend sent me this link: Belgium: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” set Christmas tree on fire. Yes, it hurts to read news like this, and the comments aren’t encouraging, either. Yes, actions of hatress cause reactions of hatress. Yes, the phenomen of militant religious zealotry is a serious problem.

But note also that this jihadwatch.org site is developed and maintained by an anonymous individual Islam hater and has no intention of seeking reconciliation or peace. He does not want e.g. mercy or forgiveness. His motivation is to fight for justice. Fighting for justice on your own is called lynching.

I continue to say:

  1. If we want to live in peace on this planet, the only solution is to break the vicious circle of hatress and violence. It is not possible to get there using violence.

  2. Many humans are obviously too stupid or undereducated to understand (1).

  3. Terrorism comes when a sufficiently big group of such humans gets sufficently well organized.

  4. If you want to help making this world a better place, invest into strategies and projects which reduce hatress and fear and promote reconciliation and peace.

Today I booked plane tickets and will fly to Belgium for two weeks on January 29th. Shortly afterwards,