Saturday, January 9, 2016

I started a tutorial about The belref project.

Sandeep reported two problems which I noted as tickets.

The first is a disturbing warning: #706. I invited Sandeep to fix it, that would be his first ticket fix.

I discovered and fixed a series of failures in the Welfare test suite which caused by ticket #698.

The LINO_SITE_MODULE environment variable

The other problem was indirectly caused by #707 (which I fixed myself because it needs experience with setting up production hosts ). The problem was:

$ python runserver
INFO Started runserver (using
lino.projects.belref.settings.demo) --> PID 2327
CommandError: You must set settings.ALLOWED_HOSTS if DEBUG is False.
INFO Done runserver (PID 2327)

Sandeep reported correctly that setting DEBUG to True in belref/settings/ was the fix. The problem passed inaperçu on my machine because I have a djangosite_local module in my PYTHONPATH. Solution was to replace the hard-coded name by an environment variable LINO_SITE_MODULE.