Saturday, January 16, 2016

EU Catalogue of ICT standards

Yesterday I missed a JoinUp webinar by Benoit Abeloos about their work on a European catalogue if ICT standards. But I read the afterwards.

  • “Member States have created national catalogues of ICT standards and interoperability specifications to guide public procurers and accelerate standards adoption on national markets. Integrating these catalogues into European catalogues would avoid market fragmentation at EU level.”

  • The CAMSS project (Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications for eGovernment solutions) has produced a List of standards which lists 415 standards which are mandatory or recommended in at least one of 13 Member States.

I joined the CAMSS community (but plan to be a passive member).

Printing sales invoices

Hamza pointed out correctly that for #692 we should not use wkhtmltopdf but django-wkhtmltopdf.

How to integrate this into Lino? The basic answer is to write a new plugin lino.modlib.wkhtmltopdf which defines a BuildMethod.

One special thing is that this build method potentially needs three templates (body, header and footer) which will be rendered separately into temporary files.

A thing to note is that Lino’s build methods are based on the fact that every combination of (database object, build method) has at most one printable file to be generated in the cache directory which we call the “target”. Actually Lino is doing its own caching system there. This “pseudo caching” is not only for CachedPrintable but also for DirectPrintable. DirectPrintable just rebuilds that file for each request, while CachedPrintable adds a DateTimeField in the database to keep track of the fact that this object has been printed. One reason for this is that “certified” documents should not get generated again and again for every request which wants to see the printed document. now creates the new TEMPLATES setting