Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I continued on #584: the training report (“fiche stagiaire”) is now printable. And by the way it uses our new build method wkhtmltopdf (it’s a first fireproof for #692). The Welfare test suite is still broken, but for the moment I don’t care, because it is more efficient to wait with that work until the new features are more or less stable.

I fixed the first part of #728 and released it to our Lino Noi. (new table StarsByController in “Changes” tab). We can now have discussions with more than two participants.

The link “Write comment” is now at the top of the description (and no longer at the bottom). That’s important when there are more comments than those which fit to the panel.

The release caused a side effect of #692 to occur. I received a few dozen of error mails “Internal Server Error: /favicon.ico”. That was because of the upgrade to the new TEMPLATES setting. When rendering a template (like the 500.html), names ar and now were no longer added to the context because of the new templateing configuration.

Note that this side effect had slipped through the test suite, and in order to catch it, we would have to run tests using settings where DEBUG is set to False. For the moment this seems overkill…

I fixed #730 : LedgerStaff did not yet see accounts and account groups in their configuraton menu. Because these tables are defined in lino_xl.lib.accounts. We plan to merge lino_xl.lib.accounts into lino_xl.lib.ledger one day. (That day was Wednesday, August 29, 2018).