Friday, January 22, 2016

I did an upgrade on demo@lf

I removed lino_cosi.lib.declarations from the installed apps of Lino Così. This is a first step for #711, knowing that I will reimplement VAT declarations when #736 is done.

I started the new plugin lino.modlib.summaries. It is a plugin because it adds at least one menu command “Update all summary tables”. I would like to have this general functionality defined there. Note that we can have more than one Summary models in an single application (e.g. fse.Dossier and vat.Declaration).

One question is how to define and handle the periods. This is general business logic, but needs to be customizable at least by the application developer. Every concrete model which inherits from Summary needs a class attribute for selecting “monthly”, “yearly” or even some other user-defined periodic system.