Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Things to read

Ned Batchelder wrote a blog entry about Harry Percival’s book called Test-Driven Development with Python. I plan to read it online in order to decide whether it is good for us.

Another interesting reading was How do you estimate on an Agile project?. Summary:

  • Why do we estimate? - Purpose of Estimation – Martin Fowler

  • How do we estimate? - All about Points – Anand Vishwanath - Stop saying “estimate” – JK Werner - The Bucket Theory – Malcolm Beaton - Using points is not the point – Juliano Bersano - Estimating without points – Ian Carroll

  • In Practice - Estimating on a distributed team – Jiangmei Kang - How story counts worked for us – Huimin Li

Start using User Stories? Can we manage user stories simply by entering them as a ticket?

Defining holidays which depend on Easter

I started to work on #745 by writing a new chapter Holidays in Lino Voga in the specs of Lino Voga. Later I even moved most of this document to the Lino repository Defining holidays

The ticket basically adds a possibility to specify recurrencies of type “every year X days before/after Easter”. For this we will use the easter() function of dateutil.

Code changes in EventGenerator, RecurrenceSet and Recurrencies.