Saturday, January 30, 2016

A PyQt user interface for Lino

I created #761, which is actually a rather old idea of mine. It woke up when I read that Martin Fitzpatrick wrote a book Create Simple GUI Applications which might be a good starting point. It is available online for free. I liked very much his formulation of the difference between free and proprietary software:

GPL Only Note that the following instructions are only for installation of the GPL licensed version of PyQt. If you need to use PyQt in a non-GPL project you will need to purchase an alternative license from Riverbank Computing in order to release your software.

Lino Noi

Lightness of being: today I accidentally fixed a rather unimportant issue #762 (Worked hours when only unfinised finished sessions) – as if I had nothing else to do ;-)

Lino Welfare

I merged Hamza’s work for #759 and made an upgrade to cpaschatelet. This was a historic moment because #759 is the first ticket which was solved entirely by Hamza without my help. Congratulations.

The Lino Welfare test suite had two trivial failures due to my changes of last Wednesday.