20160203 (Wednesday, 03 February 2016)

Ticket #143 is coming

This morning I had yet another important meeting, this time with Wilfried and about #143. Results: we are almost there. All conceptual differences between TIM and Lino are well done and acceptable for the users. Most required points of the planned prototype are done. Some minor to-does:

  • Tabelle mit Buchungsperioden

  • Neue Journalgruppe “Zahlungsaufträge”.

  • Die Dokumentnummer eines Belegs (Voucher.number) muss prominenter gezeigt werden und die interne ID zurückhaltender.

  • Upgrade their testlino site.

  • Buchungen 2016 aus TIM importieren

  • partner : change verbose_name from “Partner” to “Recipient” (“Empfänger”). This label is theoretically not correct, but in Lino Welfare accounting there will be almost only expenses and no incomes.

Yet another new aspirant contributor

We welcome James, a Python enthusiast from Ohio living in Japan, who plans to join the core developer team as a volunteer in the hope of learning to get coding on a real project.

For Princewell and James I updated the following introductory pages: