Monday, February 29, 2016

This week I plan to continue more intensively with #143 and to finally work on the to-do list developed by talking with Wilfried in Eupen.

Accounting periods

I understood that lino_cosi.lib.declarations is definitively deprecated. We rather need a database table of “accounting periods” (Buchungsperioden) as we had in TIM. An accounting period usually lasts one month. Except for some small companies which declare per quarter. For each period it must be possible to specify the exact dates during which it is allowed to register vouchers into this period, and also its “state”: whether it is “closed” or not.

New model AccountingPeriod.

Thanks to, which made me notice a bug in my way of getting the last day of the month. I do this now in atelier.utils.last_day_of_month().

When committing this change, I also included a not yet working change in atelier.invlib for inv cov which I had started after a voice meeting with Sandeep last weekend. Because I didn’t want to throw away that work.

I removed from the documented API.

How to initialize a date to “today + N years”

Here is a snippet of code which breaks once every four years on February 29:

tod =
self.ignore_dates_after = tod.replace(year=tod.year+5)

A quick fix is to say:

self.ignore_dates_after = tod.replace(year=tod.year+5, day=28)

A better solution is:

from dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta
self.ignore_dates_after = tod + relativedelta(years=5,

Above bug in caused a downtime on two production sites today.

Repair test suites and demo data

Before really starting I had to tidy up and finish last week’s work by adapting the test suites. New fixture lino_xl.lib.invoicing.fixtures.demo2. A little new feature is the lino.core.roles.UserRole.get_user_profiles() method. Usage example:

>>> from lino import startup
>>> startup("lino_cosi.projects.apc.settings.demo")
>>> from lino_xl.lib.ledger.roles import LedgerStaff
>>> print(list(LedgerStaff.get_user_profiles()))

I also updated the Voga specs about Invoicing in Lino Voga (lino_voga.lib.invoicing).