20160309 (Wednesday, 09 March 2016)

HTML report for test coverage

Sandeep suggested to add the following line to atelier.invlib.run_tests_coverage():


Of course. Good idea, Sandeep! I extended it a bit:

htmlcov = ctx.root_dir.child('htmlcov')
if htmlcov.exists():
    print("Writing html report to %s" % htmlcov)

That is: the html report get’s created only when a directory named htmlcov exists.

More about test coverage

I also saw that inv cov did not not use the test_suite specified in the project’s setup.py but discovered test cases in the project’s root_dir. In simple projects the result is the same.

I tried inv cov on Lino (after adding a .coveragerc file)

This revealed a problem which I had seen with Hamza before (and that day Hamza had explained me how to work around it):

TypeError: object.__new__(NotImplementedType) is not safe, use NotImplementedType.__new__()

I guess that we must remove the necessity of having current_project in our ctx for invoke.

But even after fixing this, inv cov in Lino still says “No data collected”.