Friday, March 18, 2016

Lino as a lightweight alternative for Odoo

Cool: Hamza mentioned Lino in a discussion on Twitter) about a lightweight alternative to Odoo. And Daniel Reis (Author of the Odoo Development Essentials book) said “Nice, it looks like Lino fixes some of the issues with Django. Worth taking a look.” ([*])

#36 is almost done

Hamza’s statement “The migration to Extjs6 and the port to Py3 are the main underway tasks.” in above discussion made me think “What? Is Python 3 support only underway? Is it not done?” But Hamza is right: #36 is almost done, but not completely. I had to acknowledge this after running:

$ . ~/pythonenvs/py3/bin/activate
$ pp inv test

I adapted commondata (including be, et and eg) so that they pass under Python 3.

And then I decided that I will leave these things to Hamza.

I also noticed that my last changes in broke it in Python 3. And the output of inv ci is not colored. I guess it is the same reason as for the other problem that the output of inv test has no newlines.


I adapted the Welfare test suite after #833.

In atelier.test there was this function:

def interpreter_args():
    if 'coverage' in sys.modules:
        return ['coverage', 'run']
    return [sys.executable]

I now deactivated the following lines:

if 'coverage' in sys.modules:
    return ['coverage', 'run']

Because it seems that they were not needed for getting the coverage of 34% , and because they caused occasionally to all kinds of commands be run under coverage when we didn’t ask for it.