Saturday, April 9, 2016

A first little change for #862: When updating the events of a course, Lino (in update_auto_events) now reports conflicting events to the JS console. Actually the detailed report should be visible without opening the JS console, and mentioned conflicting events should be clickable. Per calendar event there should be a link with a list of all events on that day.

More optimizations for Lino Voga: New command “Create invoices” in the main menu starts a “general” invoicing plan.

Note #864. Lino does not yet support model extension on more than 2 generations of plugins. Only known example so far is courses.Enrolment. The coures plugin is defined three times:, and We currently need a hack to get it work: We must include ‘Enrolment’ in the extends_models of roger despite the fact that this model is not being extended there. The Enrolment model definition in has a hard-coded abtract = False.