Monday, May 9, 2016

Upgrade to ExtJS 6

Good news: after the ComboBox conversion, Hamza is now advancing quickly in #37 (Upgrade to ExtJS 6), fixing problem in rows. BTW he also wrote a first blog entry about his work.

Now it would be really cool to get Lino Noi with ExtJS 6 into a usable state. We would start to use it ourselves before releasing it to some customer! This is what I actually want with ticket #896.

I tried by adding the following line to the Site definition in my local copy of

default_ui = 'lino_extjs6.extjs'

and then doing:

$ cd lino_noi/projects/team
$ python runserver

This first attempt revealed (as I expected) that lino.modlib.tinymce causes problems. In a first step I plan to just remove this plugin and to try whether the built-in text editor of ExtJS 6 is better than that of ExtJS 3. So we just deactivate TinyMCE by adding some more lines to above file

def get_apps_modifiers(self, **kw):
    kw = super(Site, self).get_apps_modifiers(**kw)
    return kw

But even then I still have a JavaScript syntax error “Unterminated string literal” in the following line:

var AttachmentsByMail_htmlbox333 = Ext.create(
    'Lino.HtmlBoxPanel', {
        "always_enabled": true,
        "bodyStyle": "overflow-x:hidden;", "containing_panel": this,
        "flex": 22,
        "items": Ext.create('Ext.BoxComponent,{ autoScroll:true}),
        "layout": "fit",
        "listeners": {
            "render": Lino.quicktip_renderer("Pi\u00e8ces jointes",
            "(outbox.Mails.AttachmentsByMail) ") },
        "master_panel": this,
        "name": "AttachmentsByMail",
        "title": "Pi\u00e8ces jointes",
        "tools": [ Lino.show_in_own_window_button(Lino.outbox.AttachmentsByMail.grid) ],
        "value": "<br/>" });

Hamza, can you try to reproduce and fix this?

Lino Voga final sprint

For #903 I worked out my next suggestion for the __str__() method of a Course (in Lino Voga à la Roger).

Added a new model lino_xl.lib.sales.models.PaperType (#902).