Friday, May 20, 2016

Test suites and functional specs

I invested some time trying to increase test coverage and documentation.

Examples in the following functional specs:

Here is another way how to run the test suite:

$ python -m unittest -f tests

Project management with Lino Noi

During the last weeks I have been working a lot on Lino Voga. The understandable reason for this is that they (Die Eiche) left their old software behind and started to use Lino for good.

But actually there are about half a dozen of other “big” projects waiting. Which of them will be next? While thinking and talking about this question with my customers, I realized that only a few details are missing in Lino Noi in order to make it useful tool to helop with this type of decisions. #933:

  • Projects now have a start_date and an end_date.

  • New table

Before releasing these, I’d maybe also do #831 (Add ticket voting functionality).

Lino Noi as discussion forum

Another topic is the “discussion forum” part of Lino Noi. Until now my vision was that Lino Noi does not try to replace email, that it rather integrates it. But I am maybe reconsidering this and opened #932 (in state Talk). I agree, there is a long way to go.