Sunday, May 22, 2016

More ideas about #897.

In Lino Noi we need to rename “products” to “topics” (or “components” or something similar). And “interests” should not link to a product but to a topic. And we must move these concepts into a plugin on its own. lino_xl.lib.topics.

And then these interests should be per partner, not per site. That difference was not important in our use case of Lino Noi, but at SPZ Eupen they need topics and interests without the concept of sites.

Before creating the new plugin lino_xl.lib.topics, I noted that many copyright headers in lino_xl were not yet adapted to the fact that this package is licensed AGPL, not under the BSD.

And yes, in our database I’ll need to create one partner per site before running that migrator. And every new site will probably cause a new partner as well because we usually have partners with only one site. Hmm… do I want that? I am not really sure, but am ready to try it on the field.

For the existing Lino Noi sites we will then need a migrator

  • Load content from products.Product into the new topics.Topic table, and Category into the new TopicGroup table.

  • Interest.product becomes Interest.topic

  • becomes Interest.partner and if the site has no partner, create one.

  • Rename Faculty.product_cat to topic_group

  • Rename Competence.product to Competence.topic