Friday, June 10, 2016

I deployed yesterday’s version to Die Eiche. InvoicesByJournal did not yet show the new cleared parameter field.

I received error messages and did first diagnosis about #971. The bug is somewhere in lino.core.dbtables.add_gridfilters(). Seems not urgent.

I worked on #969.

  • I optimized the workflow buttons of calendar events in Lino Voga: they don’t use icons any more, just unicode symbols.

  • lino.core.model.Model.workflow_buttons() now displays the button_text of the state if it is defined.

  • I removed the “take” action (in Lino Voga) because they don’t want it.

  • The action is now in the workflow buttons and no longer in the toolbar. And it has the button_text ‘▽’.

  • The UpdateEvents and UpdateGuests actions both had a “lightning” icon. Now the former has ‘⚡’ and the latter ‘☷’ (both using unicode characters)

  • The UpdateEvents action is now also available in the EventsByController table.

  • Similar optimizations for GuestStates. I also defined transitions for the guest states (until now it was not possible to change the state of a participation in Lino Voga).

  • The cancelled state of an event is now ignored by UpdateEvents.

The above brought a general optimization for Lino:

  • I renamed the symbol of a workflow state to button_text.

    And the same attribute can now be defined on an action.

    The difference between the button_text and the label of an action or state is rather subtle. For example when logging something about an action, then the label and not the button_text is used.

And a change for Lino Welfare users as well:

  • Der Workflow von Terminen und Anwesenheiten wird jetzt nicht mehr mit Icons sondern mit Unicode-Sonderzeichen gemacht.

NB: some tests are still failing, e.g. in Developer Guide.