Sunday, July 3, 2016


The EU is thinking about a program for sustaining mobility of employees of small and medium enterprises (SME). The program is called MobiliseSME. It is not yet a program, it is only a project of a program, they are currently analyzing whether it makes sense. In Estonia this is done by EVEA who are running a poll among Estonian SMEs.

Rumma & Ko Ltd (and thus Lino) might participate in this program in both directions:

  • I would work myself for one or two weeks as consultant for some SME somewhere in the EU in order to analyze their needs in order to get a Lino application up and running.

  • receive system administrators or inhouse developers from other countries and give them Lino training which should enable them to instal or write a Lino application for their employer.

Such exchanges might last from one to several weeks.

Even if the EU would decide not to start this program, the idea itself is great for Lino because the suboptimal documentation is currently the missing jigsaw piece.

I introduced an application for becoming member of EVEA.