Friday, July 15, 2016

Release on

I commited my work of the last days (although they are not 100%, and the Lino Welfare test suite is currently broken).

I did a release to, mainly because I am receiving a daily error message caused by an obsolete project on that server. Theoretically I must just remove that obsolote project, but the error message is not optimal, some parts of the logs are unclear. Before repairing anything, I’d like to see whether the error report is better with the new logger configuration.

I also removed my manual installation of a development supervisor on and installed the stable debian version. That’s a rather old version, but it works for me and has the advantage of running out of the box. As a result, our own linod now finally is running, and notification mails are being sent out.

As a side effect, before the release, I did two quick ideas in Lino Noi:

  • New ticket state “Ready”. This is for when a ticket is theoretically fixed and is just waiting to be released so that the reporter can verify and confirm that the ticket is done.

  • The ▶ and ◉ actions are now also displayed in the workflow buttons of a ticket.

Lino failing on travis

Failure on travis:

$ python --version
Python 2.7.9
$ pip --version
pip 6.0.7 from /home/travis/virtualenv/python2.7.9/lib/python2.7/site-packages (python 2.7)
8.83s$ pip install .
Processing /home/travis/build/lsaffre/lino
Collecting html5lib (from lino==1.7.5)
  Downloading html5lib-0.999999999.tar.gz (245kB)
    100% |################################| 245kB 2.3MB/s
    html5lib requires setuptools version 18.5 or above; please upgrade before installing (you have 12.0.5)

I try to add “pip install -U pip” to Lino’s .travis.yml. Or rather “pip install -U setuptools”? Yes, that fixed the problem.

On drone it is the same.

Course areas

I continued with #699. I realized that #1013 is closely related to this, so I decided to work on this first. These tickets represent actually a whole series of problems and changes related to the concept of course areas.

The Enrolment.course_area is now editable=False. This field is necessary because I don’t see any other way of doing it:

  • In CPAS de Châtelet they want to differentiate BasicEnrolmentsByClient and JobsEnrolmentsByClient. There is no difference in database structure, they just need to spread their courses over two different panels of the ClientDetail.

  • In Lino Voga until now they didn’t yet express such a need, but course areas seem a perfect solution for solving their ticket #1013.

Here is our family of courses plugins:

Note that (“external courses”) is not related at all.

I moved the PrintPresenceSheet action from to because this is general to Lino Voga, not just at Die Eiche).

I fixed a typo bug in

Lino Voga now uses ActivityLayouts for differentiating between “Courses”, “Hikes” and “Journeys”.

Lino Welfare now at Joinup

I registered Lino Welfare at the Joinup catalogue of interoperability solutions for public administrations:

(Note that it has just been submitted and requires the validation from site moderator before it will be visible on the Joinup site).

Joinup is a collaborative platform for e-Government professionals who want to share their experience with each others. Created by the European Commission and funded by the European Union.

I also plan to participate in the Sharing and Reuse Awards Contest.

Atelier documentation

I fiddled and optimized a bit in the atelier documentation. I found it disturbing to have two configuration files per project ( and invoke.yaml). For the Atelier and Developer Guide project I now merged them. I added a **kwargs to the setup_from_tasks function to make the more useable. To be continued…