Monday, July 18, 2016

Notifications versus system notes

This weekend I meditated about the following tickets:

  • #559 (Notification framework) itself is done. I like it very much. Needs documentation.

  • #1017 (Don’t send email directly, but create a notification) is done for Lino Noi but not for Lino Welfare because there we are still using a pre-#559 solution.

  • #930 (Send notification via email when a guest checks in) is sleeping because (at least in ÖSHZ Eupen) they prefer #923 (Display live notifications even when the browser is minimized)

Notifications and system notes have in common that they are emitted by “the system” (i.e. not by the users themselves) and that they are sent by email to a list of “observers”.

The difference is that system notes are meant as persistent historic events while notifiations are being deleted automatically by linod.

So system notes are not going to disappear. But we need to adapt that framework.

That’s why I created and did #1054 (Adapt lino_xl.lib.notes to new lino.modlib.notify):

  • move the concept of system notes out of the core into lino_xl.lib.notes.

  • creating a system note until now sent emails directly, now it creates notifications instead.

  • We now differentiate beween Observable and ChangeObservable.

Side effects

  • My notifications is back in the Office menu

A hotfix in Chatelet

There was a typo bug in I patched it manually on their site.

Macken beim Erfassen von Teilnehmern

Alexa called my, this time with Gaby at her side, in order to report a series of new, beautiful little problem reports:

  • Einfügen Teilnehmer in Kurs mit F2 auf letzter Zeile der ersten Seite. Neuer Teilnehmer erscheint dann dort und man kann z.B. die Anzahl Plätze eingeben. Aber wenn der Kurs mehr als eine Bildschirmseite voll Einschreibungen hat und es nicht die letzte Seite ist, dann ist das ja eigentlich nicht richtig. Und in der Tat, sobald man Refresh macht (oder Detail des Teilnehmers mal öffnet und wieder schliesst), ist der neue Teilnehmer wieder “verschwunden”.

  • Einfügen per Doppelklick, Teilnehmer auswählen, Lupe klicken. Zurück kommen: Patsch, das Eingabefenster ist blau.

  • Tiens, statt des Pfeilchens vielleicht eher ⌕ (U+2315, eine Lupe) als Symbol zum Öffnen des Details.

I call them #1055 and plan the following optimizations:

  • Bug: Auf einem aktiven Kurs kann man “Einfügen” nicht klicken (weil aktive Kurse nicht bearbeitbar sind, was aber Unsinn ist)

  • Einen neuen Kurs anlegen sollte nur Monique dürfen, nicht Gaby

  • Hilfetext “Neuen Datensatz erstellen” ersetzen durch den Titel, den das Einfügefenster hat.

  • Display a phantom row only on the last page of a grid panel.

Vigala Code Camp

Today would be the first day of the Vigala Code Camp. But this first occurence of the camp is not happening due to lack of participants.

Which does not mean that I am deceived. It was an almost expected condition since I did not do any active publicity for it. I just announced it in my blog (on Tuesday, May 17, 2016) and wrote that description on our website (Vigala Code Camps are coming up).

And it doesn’t mean either that there will no code camps in Vigala in the future. It’s rather the opposite: designing and planning this Vigala Code Week made me hope more than ever that some day in the future these camps will become reality. We now even received a certificate, just because I introduced my report, declaring the number of participants (1), their average age (48) and that 0% of them were female. You might call it cheating to accept an automatically generated certificate for an event which did not take place, but I accepted it gratefully as a confirmation for my hope.