Friday, July 22, 2016

Concerning #1070, there is at least one visible problem remaining:

Dans le dialogue pour créer un nouvel atelier, Lino demande la “série de cours”. Dans ce champ il affiche toutes les séries d’ateliers, pas seulement celles du domaine en question. Si on crée son atelier en choisissant une série d’un autre domaine, alors l’atelier sera créé, mais ne sera visible dans la liste actuelle.

In order to solve this, I think that we need to fix #232. This ticket is probably not very difficult, but this functionality is not very well covered. So I started to write new content in The Lino Welfare “Châtelet” variant, The Lino Welfare “Eupen” variant and reception : receive clients at a reception desk. Which caused some new features in lino.api.doctest.

New work for Hamza

In a two hours hangout with Hamza we continued a bit on the ExtJS6 project before we decided that I will take these tickets and dive into ExtJS6 during the next weeks. I realized this when Hamza showed me the Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditor plugin. This is a cool new feature, but it will probably require changes in the AJAX protocol. And this part of Lino is very complex and very poorly documented.

And Hamza gets a new project: increase test coverage and write new test cases. We started together by moving almost all remaining test cases from The lino package to Developer Guide. This was necessary because it is Developer Guide where we are going to add new “demo projects” in order to increase coverage.