20160726 (Tuesday, 26 July 2016)

I fixed two trivial failures in the test suite of Developer Guide.


Ticket #1059. Alexa and Roger agreed tht their original implementation plan was overkill. We just need to adapt their print template so that it includes information about advance payments.

In Lino Voga, the template used to print a sales invoice is sales/VatProductInvoice/Default.odt. This file is in the config directory of lino_xl.lib.sales. It is an appy.pod which uses itself two Jinja templates sales/VatProductInvoice/body.html and sales/VatProductInvoice/trailer.html.

Local system admins might override it with a local version, but our goal is to provide a robust template which is generally usable and easily extendable using documented methods.

do text from jinja(‘sales/VatProductInvoice/body’)

do text from jinja(‘sales/VatProductInvoice/trailer’)

In Using Appy POD templates, the jinja no longer automatically adds .html because that was a misfeature.

Zwei neue Teilnehmerfilter

Added two new filter parameters lino_voga.lib.courses.models.Pupils.course and lino_voga.lib.courses.models.Pupils.partner_list.

Adressetiketten drucken

do text from html(rec.address_html)