Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Optimizations in Lino Noi

With Annalisa we had decided to remove the concepts of milestones and deployments from Lino Care because we could not find any sense to them there.

Implementation: I moved the models Milestone and Deployment from to a new plugin lino_noi.lib.deploy. And this plugin is then deactivated in Lino Care.

This action was rather time-consuming and not really necessary. Normal people would just have removed the deployments and milestones from the tables and layouts.

As a side effect we have a little new feature welcome_message_when_count.

Another new feature is that Lino now complains when you specify an invalid model name as the lino.core.actors.Actor.model.

For example lino_welfare.modlib.aids.models.Confirmations had 'aids.Confirmation' which was silently being replaced by None at startup. The problem with this behaviour was that it is more difficult to get correct error messages. I had still 'tickets.Milestone' there and it took me some time to find it out.

En passant I also added a new filter parameter

I fixed a bug in lino.core.kernel which caused the help texts of table parameter fields extracted from Sphinx docs to not appear in the web interface because they were being installed only when the linoweb.js files had been generated.