Friday, August 19, 2016

I updated the Lino Community Guide section and started a new page Developer interview.

I tested the Installing a Lino developer environment guide and discovered that it needs more changes.


  • It is not necessary to define a LINO_CACHE_ROOT. This section should go to a later tutorial.

  • It seems that we need to split the installation guide: one version for those who just want to see a quick result and another version which installs a full developer environment. The quickstart version would clone only the The lino_book package repository. This will work of couse only when we get the templates problem fixed. Note that the The lino_book package project is probably the only one for which a version on PyPI makes no sense because it is solely for educational, testing and documentation purposes and not meant for use on a production server.

  • Also inv test now works almost out of the box, except e.g. for a TemplateNotFound: iban/uppercasetextfield.js. The files are contained in the tar.gz file, but it seems that they don’t get unpacked.

    In my ~/ I have:

    sdist_dir = '/home/luc/work/book/docs/dl'

    Now I can create an sdist archive in that directory:

    $ go cosi ; inv sdist

    This does not get published on PyPI since I don’t add the upgrade option.

    And then I can simulate a “real” install via PyPI by doing:

    $ pip install -f /home/luc/work/book/docs/dl/ lino-cosi