Monday, August 22, 2016

Hamza is working on #1115. I reviewed and accepted his pull requests in atelier, lino, extjs6 and book.

My biggest worry with #1115 is the problem I discovered on Friday, August 5, 2016 (script in lino_welfare.projects.eupen). I now saw that there is hope that the problem is indeed a bug in Django 1.10 (#26983 which will be fixed in 1.10.1. Yes, lino_xl.lib.countries.models.Country is (at least within our projects) the only model that uses a CharField as primary key.

Sphinx autosummary documents imported members

Issue 2336 is still not fixed in the current Sphinx version on PyPI.

I updated Building the Lino docs.

ImportError: No module named ee.places

Yet another error message on I released version 0.0.2 of and and then manually relaunched a build. This build also failed with the same message. For the moment I see no explanation. Hamza, do you have any idea?

Size of address labels

I worked on ticket #1144. Address labels are being done by lino_xl.lib.appypod.mixins.PrintLabelsAction. As a quick solution I changed in the template file appypod/Labels.odt (in lino_xl.lib.appypod):

  • changed row height from 30mm to 37mm

  • changed all page borders to 0mm (because 37mm*8=296mm and I don’t know whether the remaining 1mm goes to the top or to the bottom)

  • In Table properties, changed “Spacing to content” from 0mm to 7mm (arbitrarily guessed value).

I also renamed the file from Labels.odt to appypod/Labels.odt.

I also wrote a test case which covers the function.

TODO: add a method for users to select their own custom template file.